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The release notes serve to inform and explain AlarmTILT®'s new features that will be available after each update.

Cédric Compagnon
Updated 10 months ago by Cédric Compagnon

Alarm MediaGateway interconnection

Preface. These instructions are intended solely to clarify the important points that are necessary for the connection to the FACT24 ENS+ Mediagateway. AlarmTilt integration is available as of Mediaga…

Cédric Compagnon
Updated 1 year ago by Cédric Compagnon

AlarmTILT transmitter numbers

Here are the transmitter numbers used to send Notifications from AlarmTILT, we advise you to save these numbers in your directory management. To Luxembourg 🇱🇺. SMS to Luxembourg: 352691950265 3246021…

Cédric Compagnon
Updated 11 months ago by Cédric Compagnon