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GDPR and data masking

Cédric Compagnon Updated by Cédric Compagnon

How to hide a contact's media:

  1. Click on the name of the contact
  2. Click on the Private checkbox to the right of the media in question

  3. Then click on Save
  4. The contact has its number hidden from the Directory

During a data check request, all contact addresses that were hidden in the directory will be also hidden in the update request Email to guarantee the data confidentiality.

It's possible to change policy:

  • Obfuscate all addresses (by default)
  • Obfuscate confidential addresses
  • Do not obfuscate anything
  • Obfuscate confidential and private addresses

As this functionnality is not managable from the AlarmTILT account of the customer, a request must be made at the addresse

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