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How to create an annual recurrence ?

Cédric Compagnon Updated by Cédric Compagnon

To create an annual recurrence :



In this example, from  08:00 to 10:00, a contact is on duty.


Intervall between two periods


If 1 intervall between 2 periods, it means that recurrence is fixed every year. If 2 invervalls between 2 periods, the recurrence is fixed every 2 years, etc.


Starts on


Start of the recurrence is fixed at the creation of the event. It is the date on which the recurrence starts.



 After n recurrence   

It is possible to choose the wished number of recurrences.



 On date

It is possible to select a date on which the recurrence ends.



In the above example, the recurrences will appear like that in the Calendar (the event will repeat every year the 10/11 up to 31/12/2019) :

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