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How to import contacts?

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The function "Import" allow to add contacts from a CSV or XLS file. Due to this function, vous can also quickly update several contacts via an CVS or XLS file.

Importer exporter FR
  1. Click on "Import"
  2. If it's nessacary, download the XLS / XLSX file template, according to respect the format waited by AlarmTILT
  1. Click on "Search" and locate the file to import on your computer
  2. Click on "Upload"
  3. The file is pre-charged in AlarmTILT and a "popup" opens which display the content of the file and indicate if there are treatment errors.

A "mouseover" on the icons in the column "load statut" will give you more details on errors.

  1. If you want to correct them before execute the import, click on the cross on the top of the window at the right side, to close the popup.
  2. If all is ok, click on "import contacts".

The import is launched and a message will be displayed to inform you when it will be finished.

Rules concerning importing contacts


An "Action" column is automatically added, you can constat it by downloading the xls template file. This column allows you to indicate to the system what you want to do with this contact : recognized values are : 'Delete', 'Insert' ou 'Update'.

If this column is empty, by default the system will consider that it's an update.

It's possible to insert a contact that is exactly named as an other contact still present in the directory (a token will be attributed to each contact)


To add attributes, it is necessary to respect the denomination that has been defined in AlarmTILT. It is advised to proceed as follows:

  • Adding of attributes, and, if necessary, values of those in AlarmTILT
  • Directory export
  • Adding of attributes in the Excel file (columns relative to the new attributes have to appear).

Be carrefull: During the encoding of attributes in the Excel file, it's necessary that these one are perfeclty identical to the value encoded in AlarmTILT. To attribute two values of attribute to a contact, you have to place the attributes one below the other.

Attribute fonction EN
To introduce two values one below the other in an xls file cell, you can use ALT + ENTER

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