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How to add/activate a monitoring system (heartbeat) ?

Cédric Compagnon Updated by Cédric Compagnon

Here are steps to execute to activate a monitoring connexion (heartbeat):

  1. Click on "Triggers"
  2. Click on "Monitoring connection"
  3. Click on "Add a connexion"
  4. Enter the Hostname (for example: Test) and destinations which should be alerted in case of problem
  5. Check "Enable" and save

The list now displays your new connection.In the column "Ping Heartbeat Email", you will find the Email address you must use for the supervision.This Email address wait at leat an Email all 15 minutes. After 3 non received Emails, an alert is launched to destinations you selected during the creation of the connexion.

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What is a monitoring system (heartbeat) ?