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How to create a recurrence every working days ?

Cédric Compagnon Updated by Cédric Compagnon

To create anevery working day recurrence : 


Every working day

In this example, from  08:00 to 10:00, a contact is on duty.


Intervall between two periods


If 1 intervall between 2 periods, it means that recurrence is fixed from Monday to Friday. If 2 invervalls between 2 periods, the recurrence is fixed from Monday to Friday, one time on two (every two weeks).


Starts on


Stat of the recurrence is fixed at the creation of the event. It is the date on which the recurrence starts.



 After n recurrence   

It is possible to choose the wished number of recurrences.



 On date

It is possible to select a date on which the recurrence ends.



In the above example, the recurrences will appear like that in the Calendar :

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