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AlarmTILT 5.9.0

November 2nd, 2022

This version introduces a better performance of the solution.

What’s new
  • It is now possible to reorder the pages of the launch form in order to bring a visual logic.
  • Added details on attribute manipulation logs.

Performance gain

  • 40% performance gain in the workflow and alert process.
    • Example: a workflow including a step with 1000 contacts to be alerted and a status feedback from the UMN messaging platform 3mn 20 to 2 minutes
  • 60% performance gain in the import of 1000 contacts.
    • Example: a real import with an update of 1000 contacts from 55sc to 27sc then 21sc

Bugs correction

  • When opening the calendar, the button "add a value" remained in overlapping on the calendar component.

AlarmTILT 5.8.2

January 5th, 2022

This version brings the update of our application servers.

AlarmTILT 5.7.11

May 25, 2022

This release introduces a new feature as part of our commitment to making the user experience more pleasant for our users after "accidentally" triggering a procedure

What’s new

Cancel a procedure

  • After "cancel" the workflow is state is currently frozen and you see in the graphical monitoring view the state at the time of canceling.
  • For steps which were in "Running state" at the time of canceling, we have replace the "running" gif by a "cancel" icon in the detail representation of the step on top right of the box (see screenshot).
  • Once "Canceling" is validated , notifications are not anymore sent.
  • The time of "canceling" appears below the title in the follow-up view

Documentation change

  • We have added a help link to redirect to the new documentation once logged into the product in the user's dropdown panel
  • The new documentation has been added to the product landing page

Maintenance operations

  • Nothing that can be explained to the user, but it is necessary.

AlarmTILT 5.7.10

March 16, 2022

The goal is to introduce a new feature as part of our commitment to making the user experience more enjoyable for our users when following a procedure.

What’s new

Graphical representation of the workflow at runtime

  • The user is now able to follow graphically and globally the execution of the workflow
  • Refreshment of the view is operated automatically as it is already done for the steps details
  • Steps which are currently running are represented with a blinking
  • Steps which have ended with no goal or with a goal achieved at 100% are represented with a green color
  • Steps which have goal which is not reached at the end are represented with a yellow color
  • You can see the percentage of achievement of the goal in the middle of the step
  • Steps which have not been executed remains in grey color
  • When a condition should be reached, it is reflected in the graphical view
  • It is now possible to clearly see different labels on the branches of the flow when a goal is defined in the previous step and the option "Next step different if goal is not reached ?" has been ticked during the flow configuration
  • However, you have the option of hiding this graphical representation of the workflow

Extension in the step details

  • Started time has been added in the header of the step details
  • Max duration has been added on the right of the header
  • Same color convention between the graphical overview and the step details

 Improved reporting

  • By default all procedures were included to generate a report. Now it is possible to choose the desired procedure to generate a specific report

AlarmTILT 5.7.9

December 15, 2021

The goal of this release is to improve the way to get a report as well as information to analyze the duration of a workflow to help users optimize their process.

What’s new

Expanded reporting on procedure usage:

  • Our users wanted a report containing the dates and number of procedures triggered per day or month. This report will give you details on how long the procedure lasted, when and by whom it was initiated.

Reorganization of report creation.

  • Our users wanted to have a clear view of what they could achieve with these reports so they weren't confused.
  • So, we removed reports that refer to credit and subscription.

Capture customer feedback

  • The credit icon has been replaced by a new point of contact with our customers to collect their comments or concerns about the future of AlarmTILT
  • Do you want to help us to make AlarmTILT® better? Then you can provide your feedback on this survey
Bug fixes

Various other small anomalies corrected

AlarmTILT 5.7.8

February 24, 2021

Bug fixes
  • Under IE 11 it was impossible to post a message in a CMC because the page would freeze
  • Sending an email to warn the administrator that some phone numbers are blacklisted
  • When editing a message about the EMAIL media in a step of the procedure, the application was freezing on Chrome (the window would not close and remained in "processing")
  • Fixed authorization issues for triggering procedures on the mobile app
  • An error was occurring when we used a nested list containing special characters as a step condition
  • Various other small anomalies fixed

AlarmTILT 5.7.7

February 24, 2020

Bug fixes
  • Various small anomalies fixed

AlarmTILT 5.7.6

May 15, 2019

What’s new
  • Applying new corporate colours on AlarmTILT interface
  • New sender numbers for SMS alerts Luxembourg: +352 691 95 02 65 Belgium: +32 460 21 04 48 France: 38656 For other countries: +44 75 07 31 97 51
  • Set up dynamic selections in the procedure trigger permissions
  • Duplicate procedures from one management unit to another
  • Performance upgrade in contact synchronization module
  • The media "SMARTPHONE" has been renamed to "PUSH"
  • Quality improvement of SMS delivery: Mobile numbers with SMS delivery problems longer than 3 weeks will be deactivated
  • Administrators get email notification.
Bug fixes
  • The "time" variable now supports the 24-hour format in the procedure forms used though the CMC
  • The synchronization module now allows you not to modify certain attributes not present in the file
  • When a dynamic selection is updated from an upper level management unit, it now remains attached to the correct management unit
  • The values added later in list attributes are now well saved
  • Several translations have been reviewed (NL)
  • Various other minor bugs fixed

AlarmTILT 5.7.5

November 21, 2018

What’s new
  • AlarmTILT® is now able to synchronise with your directory management tools (Active Directory, HR System) so you no longer need to verify your list contact by contact. The data should be exported in xls/csv and send by a secure channel.
  • It is now possible to see the contacts linked to dynamic groups from the organisation book so you can verify your organisation more easily.
  • It is now possible to duplicate a dynamic selection to facilitate your user management. No more tying yourselves in knots and copying and pasting manually.
  • You can now include audio recordings in your voice notifications (WAV/MP3). It’s a great way to add sensational information to your notifications!
  • The special characters respecting the GSM 7-Bit standards are now taken into account in SMSs, but if you send a heart it may be interpreted in a different way depending on the device.
  • We adhere to standards such as HTML and PLAIN TEXT when sending emails or faxes.
  • The data and information necessary for the effective operation of AlarmTILT® are automatically pushed from the app instead of asking the app, to increase reactivity.
  • When creating a new message, the language of the messages is now set by default to be the language the user selected for the interface.
  • Our solution is in conformance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • The extensions of domain names have been increased to 20 characters rather than 4.
  • Our team has configured a totally secure server to manage your Excel files imported in the directory.
Bug fixes
  • The Dutch translation on the calendar has been revised so that our neighbours are not obliged to learn another foreign language.
  • Certain obligatory fields in the launch form were not filled in as intended; we have reminded these fields not to confuse the terms ‘optional’ and ‘obligatory’.
  • When a contact had more than one value for one attribute, they appeared in the selection with the condition “different from” but were not supposed to.
  • When sending a message to preset contacts via the “trigger” tool: when this group was updated and the trigger relaunched, the old contacts from these groups were contacted.
  • The interservice links as message recipients on the mobile app did not link to those for the web app. The link has now been re-established – thank you to the troubleshooter for resolving the situation!
  • The address received by SMS to log in to the CMC was sometimes different to the address received by email.
  • In some cases, it was not possible to create homonyms. In this new version, this will no longer be a problem.

AlarmTILT 5.7.4

July 11, 2018

What’s new
  • The solution is now connected to the Alarmis network.
  • We integrated a new provider for the beginning of the procedure, which will work by calling a dedicated number, as well as the one from the Essential form.
  • When creating a dynamic group it is possible to find a contact by using three new conditions : different from / does not include / does not begin by.
  • Also, it is possible to filter the recipients in the sending of a message, rather than in the procedures by using those same conditions.
  • Before we suggest that the characteristics of a contact cannot be changed at the moment of requesting an update, the logic has been inverted so it now becomes... logic and changeable.
  • The data of the XLS reports have been improved in order to make them match the PDF reports.
  • The speed with which the importation of multiple contacts was done now has been significantly increased.
  • The S-P-A-C-E-S included in the SMS are automatically deleted if it turns out that you accidentally fell asleep on the space bar while creating a message.
  • The HTML tags are deleted in the SMS because, unfortunately, they can’t interpret them.
  • The compliance of our solution in accordance to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) is still ongoing.
  • The security of exchanges protocols of our different providers have been updated.
  • Our shadow team has achieved many developments in order to allow our support to detect and identify more easily the problems you may run into.
  • The maximum capacity of the SMS has been brought to 1600 characters in order to meet the obligations of our providers.
  • If the content of a sent message is empty, then it will never be delivered to the recipients, in order to avoid alarming you unnecessarily.
Bug fixes
  • When an attribute value was deleted, the control added in the past version did not exclude the deleted contact. Thus, the control system was too tight and the attribute could not be modified.
  • Sometimes the inter-service links inside a group didn’t work because some links weren’t correctly identified as true « links »... but we finally made the link.
  • When a relatively complex procedure was launched, multiple stages stopped before achieving their goal due to a counter-objective created by unpredictable responses ; it won’t happen anymore, that’s for sure.
  • The rare difficulties found on an algorithm which formatted the called number in order to join a conference were solved for good ; or at least that’s what we hope.
  • In the English version a field in the directory was incorrect, it has been renewed

AlarmTILT 5.7.3

February 14, 2018

What’s new
  • New web services to enable deployement of AlarmTILT® NEXT will be put into production
  • You will now be able to request that support duplicate procedures between your management units.
Bug fixes
  • Variable type data list | Invalid display
  • Variable type data list | The name of the label is not indicated
  • Variable type data list | Error creating a procedure book
  • Procedures | The counter lens does not work during a contactless step
  • Procedures | Invalid tracking when changing trigger response request
  • Procedures | Refreshing the tracking does not work in some cases
  • Procedures | Saving a step without delay is allowed
  • Procedures | Unable to select user link for permissions
  • Procedures | During revisions, some variables may not be displayed
  • Reports | Inconsistent data between the PDF and XLS report
  • Directory | Invalid display
  • Contacts | Error creating a contact and displaying references
  • Contacts | References do not include calendar dates
  • Attributes | When updating a value, dynamic selections are not updated
  • Update contacts | Control to add on the email address
  • Update contacts | Unable to update confidential data in a multiple update
  • Audit log | Incorrect display when connecting to an alert wire

AlarmTILT 5.7.2

November 29, 2017

Bug fixes
  • Send message | Display issue
  • Voice alert | Reply not handled in NL-BE
  • History | No icon for the status « Read »
  • CMC | Display issue
  • Report | Received twice
  • Update contact | Display issue
  • Update contact | Incorrect value in the history
  • Conf call | The access code is not correctly dictated
  • Mobile App | Send message in dutch is not working
  • Mobile App | Lack of control on mandatory variables
  • Media library | Limiting the image size
  • Email trigger | Group not updated
  • Email trigger | Voice alert not sent to contact outside of the directory
  • Access control | Permission to delete
  • Directory | Error when saving a contact

AlarmTILT 5.7.1

October 04, 2017

What’s new
  • Integration of a new provider for voice calls and conference calls to increase quality and reliability
  • More flexibility to invite contacts to join a conference call - new system variables have been added (PIN code - Phone number)
  • New numbers have been added to join conference calls in different languages ​​
  • The alert schema for conference calls has been revised in order to avoid recalling contacts already connected
  • Conference call tracking is now available outside CMC
  • Recording a conference call can now be downloaded from the CMC
  • Adding a voicemail detection mechanism when inviting a conference call
Bug fixes
  • Update contact - no error message if I created 2 identical media
  • Exporting the directory: the value of the actions is always in French
  • Could not edit procedure book
  • Calendar - visualization of contacts is difficult
  • CMC - Name of participants not correct
  • Conference Call | Not possible to join the conference
  • Conference Call | Number in the email not readable
  • Ets procedure - contact view not correct
  • CMC - can not connect
  • Conference call does not work - Request to save a message
  • Conference call: Number + 32 784 802 84 number not allowed
  • Conference call: Join the call via the Lux number & gt; EN
  • Procedural report | incomplete data
  • Add connectivity - error
  • Sender email is not correct
  • CMC - Leave a voice message impossible
  • Error messages in English in the French interface
  • Monitoring procedures - Status no longer appears
  • Conference call from a procedure does not work
  • Datalist | the time field does not appear correctly
  • Datalist | date fields - date is not displayed in the correct order
  • Datalist | The mandatory "list" field does not work
  • Problem when creating a new CMC with a name that includes accented characters
  • Calendar - Error Messages
  • Conference Call in Dutch | Problem
  • Procedures: evaluation of an objective in percentage / Activation of the Counter-objective stops the step
  • Error Saving a Contact
  • Email received twice
  • Error in saving a procedure
  • Invalid text sent
  • Always modifiable attribute
  • Conference call - record refresh problem
  • Conference Call | Harmful noises
  • Conference Call | Languages ​​are not processed
  • Conference Call | Call by UK number
  • External trigger | You can add contacts without login as specific launchers
  • Conference call - dictation of access code not correct
  • Conference call: join the conference via a voice call - not a valid object
  • Different data between XLS report and PDF
  • Classification of steps in non-coherent procedure follow-up
  • No error message when I create a new management unit with a login that is not an email address
  • Procedure book generation takes a long time when adding procedures
  • CMC - System Messages & gt; mixture of languages

AlarmTILT 5.7.0

June 07, 2017

What’s new
  • Possibility of naming a CMC at launch. Very practical when the same CMC is launched regularly.
  • Dynamic groups are now evaluated during the creation of the procedure book, which makes it possible to see at the time T which will be present in the group.
Bug fixes
  • Dynamic selection does not display correct contacts
  • Rules of Procedure | Incorrect summary
  • Procedure book - does not display all steps
  • Goal evaluation - does not work with target in percent
  • Confcall does not work - Request to save a message

AlarmTILT 5.6.9

February 08, 2017

Bug fixes
  • Import | Un fichier volumineux pouvait s'interrompre brutalement
  • Import | Le statut passait directement en échec lors de l'import de nouvelles valeurs d'attribut
  • Import | Importer des attributs depuis une sous-unités n'était pas possible (version Enterprise)
  • Import/Export | L'email de notification pouvait être envoyé deux fois
  • Export | Les valeurs des attributs ne sont pas exportées en cas d'attribut partagé (version Enterprise)
  • Rapport | Sur le fichier Excel, les titres des onglets n'étaient pas cohérent (titre sur un onglet mais informations sur une autre feuille)
  • Revision de procédure | Un champs obligatoire du formulaire de lancement pouvait corrompre la procédure
  • Fil d'alerte | Sous CHROME, le format pdf n'est pas pris en compte
  • Mise à jour de contacts | Changement du bouton "Je veux actualiser mes données" en bleu
  • CMC | Sous IE, la liste des personnes connectées n'était pas entièrement affichée
  • CMC | Si un mauvais code était entré, il n'y avait pas de message d'erreur (version Enterprise)

AlarmTILT 5.6.8

December 07, 2016

Bug fixes
  • This version fixes a potential performance issue that could have caused a service level degradation

AlarmTILT 5.6.7

Novmber 09, 2016

Bug fixes
  • Contact import | "Delete" action was not taken into account
  • Import | Import of a xlsx exported file didn't work 
  • Export | Some values were exported with a space
  • Dynamic selection | When saving, an error appeared
  • Directory| When filtering contacts on the role attribute, an error appeared
  • Dubble authentification | usage of directional touchs were not accepted
  • Dubble authentification | Options were available via the directory
  • Creation of procedure book | The goal was not offered
  • Procedure | Next steps in case of goal not reached didn't complete successfully
  • Dubble authentification / Update data | The 4 digit code is sent according to the same scheme
  • Triggers | Launching conditions were reviewed 
  • Procedure | Mandatory fields of launching formular were reviewed
  • Organization book | Some column were offset from one another
  • Import | Analyse is performed up to 5 empty columns
  • History | Display of messages status didn't match to the search

AlarmTILT 5.6.6

September 21, 2016

What’s new
  • Attributes | Addition of a column to check which attribute are editable by users
  • Calendar | Improvement of recurrent event display
  • Updating contacts | We can now configure data updating for contacts and unit managers(Attributes and / or coordinates)
  • Dynamic selection | Adding a logical "No / No No" to restore contacts without media more easily
Bug fixes
  • Inter-service link | The group link were not updated
  • Organization book | Mention of procedures in which groups or dynamic selections are refferenced
  • Sharing attributes | The system checked attributes of all manageemnt units (even deleted)
  • Media library | Documents referrenced in procedures could be selected
  • Double authentification | In some cases, the digit code was not sent in priority to SMS professional media
  • Imports | Resolution of problems linked to import
  • Export | Resolution of problem with addition of spaces after attributes
  • Sending of the procedure report | Envoi du rapport de procédure | Correction regarding the sending

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