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How to establish the procedure for the update contact request ?

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To send an update request to your contacts, or to a part of your directory, it is necessary to create a specific procedure.

  1. 1Connect yourself as procedure manager and create a new procedure that you will name for example "Update contacts".
Updatecontactprocedure EN
  1. Click on the "launching formular"  and add the "system data". Then select the dropdown list "Contact.S.001" which allow you to select person to contact, at the launching of the procedure.
UpdatecontactprocedureFormular2 EN
  1. Configure the email message that need to be send to contacts. New fields have been created for this procedure type. 

You can inster in the html message the following code :

<p>Dear user</p><p>Below details that are currently in the AlarmTILT system, used to alert you in cas of emergency. Please check and validate if all seems to be up to date. If not, please click on the button at the bottom of this email.</p><p>#{ContactUpdate.single}<br /><br /></p>

This will take necessary field for the update request.

  1. Configure the max duration of reply.  It must be equal to maximum 48 hours.
UpdatecontactprocedureConfigMessage EN

Click on "Validate"

  1. Configure the goal of the step. It must be positionned on "Contact actualize" - 100 %
UpdatecontactprocedureConfiggoal EN
  1. Make a test by sending the request to your own contact only.

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